ABC of the Alekhine - Andrew Martin - 2nd Edition

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Alekhine‘s Defence is an excellent opening to play if one wants to go for the win.
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Over 5.5 hours of instruction from legendary British Author
International Master Andrew Martin 

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Alekhine's Defense is an excellent opening to play if one wants to go for the win. Black invariably gets a tough and resilient position with ample opportunity for counterchances. With 1...Nf6 he immediately throws down the gauntlet to the pawn on e4 and tries to take the initiative from the very first moves. This is a particularly effective game-plan at club level, where knowledge of exact theory is sketchy and where a passive response to immediate aggression is commonplace. In the ABC of the Alekhine we take a look at how the opening stands in 2007. IM Andrew Martin provides sound, active recommendations for Black, which can be used at all levels of play and demonstrates that the Alekhine is actually in pretty good shape. To underestimate Alekhine's Defence would be a big mistake indeed!

Video running time: 5 h 40 min 

Martin is a professional chess teacher and coach in England (currently teaching at eight schools) and is the chief coach of the English national Junior squad (ages 8-18). He was coach to four World Youth Champions and a host of English national junior champions - clearly Martin understands how to communicate chess knowledge to his students with great success and outstanding results! 

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