E-DVD Middlegame Principles with IM Bence Szabo

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IM Bence Szabo’s course, Middlegame Principles, 9 hours of high-quality video lessons, divided into 16 chapters, spilling the secrets of the masters and how they dominate middlegames.
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Most chess players mistakenly think that studying tactics wins games. Nothing can be further than the truth. (I blame Teichmann for this, by the way.)

You see, any decent player can find a mate in 3.

But exchanging the c-pawn on your 12th move for a favorable endgame position? That’s on a whole different level, my friend.

This is where your middlegame skills come in. And this is where you actually beat your opponent even before he realizes it.

And this is what IM Bence Szabo’s brand-new course, Middlegame Principles, is all about.

9 hours of high-quality video lessons, divided into 16 chapters, spilling the secrets of the masters and how they dominate middlegames.

  • How to develop your pieces “better” than your opponent?
  • Why does central control matter for aggressive play?
  • How to exploit your bishop-pair advantage?
  • Weak squares, weak pawns, space and time…
  • And so on.

ALL of your middlegame questions answered and more. Available at a discounted price today.

Here’s what you would learn:

  • Central knight outposts. Your opponent left open a few cracks in the center? Get your knight and secure that powerful outpost. Just like Anand did against Lutz in the 2004 Bundesliga match.
  • Stumped development. If you can, thwart your opponent’s “natural” piece development. Even if it means sacrificing a pawn. [Showed in a game by Petrosian in Chapter 1.]
  • Knight vs bishop. Not every bishop is better than a knight. Closed position? Bishop locked behind pawns? Knight can move around? Choose that knight over the bishop.
  • The 7th rank. Get those rooks activated—and get them up to the 7th rank in the enemy camp! The defenses will break eventually. And you get that mating attack in a few moves.
  • Fatal passed pawns. Is that a winner or a goner? Decide fast. Not all passed pawns are worth saving. Especially if it makes your king vulnerable and gives your opponent attacking chances.

Most club level players focus way too much on opening theory and endgames. Yes, they are important, of course!

But if you don’t work on your strategic skills, you will forever be a club level player, sorry.

Chapter 1. Piece Development
Chapter 2. The Center
Chapter 3. The Central Pawns
Chapter 4. Space Advantage
Chapter 5. The Bishop Pair
Chapter 6. Good and Bad Bishop
Chapter 7. Bishop vs Knight
Chapter 8. Open Lines
Chapter 9. The 7th Rank
Chapter 10. Creating Weaknesses
Chapter 11. Weak Pawns
Chapter 12. Weak Squares
Chapter 13. Double Pawns
Chapter 14. Passed Pawns
Chapter 15. Pawn Chains
Chapter 16. Pawn Majority

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Publication Date January 7, 2022
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